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Feedback for blancahuesos - blancahuesos - 12-01-2010

Please leave me feedback here!

TOTAL: +22

Positive: +22

Other feedback:
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["Vendedora" = seller; "Compradora" = buyer]


RE: Feedback for blancahuesos - grapepie - 06-15-2011

+1 as buyer. great communication and fast payment

RE: Feedback for blancahuesos - PullipDalLover - 06-29-2011

+1 I sold Akoya Outfit and Lalaloopsy Great buyer!

RE: Feedback for blancahuesos - PullipDalLover - 08-16-2011

+1 Bought my Taeyang Horizon. Thanks smile second time dealing with this buyer. ALways a pleasure.

RE: Feedback for blancahuesos - wampirencja - 10-31-2011

+1 positive smile No problems at all with transaction. Thanks!

RE: Feedback for blancahuesos - Babyblue033 - 01-15-2012

+1 as a buyer. Quick payment and excellent communication. Will be happy deal with her again!

RE: Feedback for blancahuesos - birdie - 01-20-2012

+1 as a buyer. She purchased several outfits from me, the communication was lovely and her payment prompt. Recommended!

RE: Feedback for blancahuesos - Lila_Meily - 02-23-2012

+1 as a Buyer

She bought a doll from me, she payed fast and she's a sweet ^^

100% recommended!! Kisses!!!

Lila_Meily yay

RE: Feedback for blancahuesos - elderham - 02-24-2012

+1 as a buyer

Great communication and quick payment! Thank you! Happy

RE: Feedback for blancahuesos - dms_a_jem - 02-28-2012

+1 as a buyer! Super fast payment and great communication. Thanks again! Happy

RE: Feedback for blancahuesos - WickedWonderland - 03-03-2012

+1 as a buyer

blancahuesos bought some Pullip clothes and a Monster High doll from me. Communication was excellent and she sent payment right away. Wonderful buyer. smile

RE: Feedback for blancahuesos - sceimhiuil - 03-28-2012

+1 as a buyer! Super sweet to deal with and let me know when Bloody Red arrived! Thank you so much!!

RE: Feedback for blancahuesos - milkytea - 07-06-2012

+1 as a Buyer

Blancahuesos is an excellent buyer--perfect communication, paid promptly, and very friendly. ♥

RE: Feedback for blancahuesos - Sendell - 07-07-2012

+1 as a buyer. She bought an Amarri from me. Everything went great: good communication, prompt payment, she let me know when the doll arrived, and she's very nice grin

RE: Feedback for blancahuesos - loyalheart - 10-14-2012

+1 Wonderful Buyer! Speedy payment & perfect communication. Thank you.