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NRFB is not NRFB - MissMandyLynne - 02-20-2011

okay so i bid and won a Hestia online - the seller posted this about the doll...

"She has never been removed from her box and her box is in very good condition"

but when i got her today...
1) all of her twist ties and clear straps were cut and removed
2) her hair was a mess
3) her hand was broken
4) her sheos were on instead of being taped to the side of the box
5) and i *think* she might have a pair of home made panties - *there really badly sewn together :/*

now i know i didnt pay that much for her and i was going to customize her anyway but when somebody lists a doll as NRFB it shuld mean NEVER REMOVED FROM BOX!

RE: NRFB is not NRFB - cmair1202 - 02-20-2011

yes you should make a not about that in there feedback.

RE: NRFB is not NRFB - onelilmermaid - 02-20-2011

Man, if you had really wanted her as described that would really have sucked. I agree that you should mention that in the sellers feedback.

RE: NRFB is not NRFB - Duskkodesh - 02-21-2011

I think that warrants at least a neutral feedback and I would message the seller first telling them why you are noting that in the feedback.

RE: NRFB is not NRFB - Cartagia - 02-21-2011

Wow that is really irritating. :/ Even if that's not how you intended to keep her I think it's still worth taking up with them, as they lied.

RE: NRFB is not NRFB - MissMandyLynne - 02-21-2011

thanx guys yay

so i messaged the seller and she said that she orderd the doll online from a store (didnt say which) and said that she didnt notice that the ties were broken - and it made me think - if she actually looked at the doll and her ties were broken when she got her she would have noticed that the doll wasnt up agnest the back of the box as she shows in the picture - she did say that she would give me a full refund (minus shipping) if i sent her back - but that just meant i would have spent 16+ just for shipping that i wouldnt get back - so i asked for a partial refund instead so we'll see how it goes - but eithor way i still think im giong to give her a neutral feedback - i dont think ive ever had this problem

RE: NRFB is not NRFB - Lilcurly - 02-21-2011

I'd be tempted to leave negative feedback if it was me, as they blatantly lied to you. it's obvious when a doll has been removed from it's box, & if she missed that then she obviously hasn't checked the item over thoroughly (which should always be done when selling), so she shouldn't even be selling stuff!

RE: NRFB is not NRFB - MissMandyLynne - 02-21-2011

so she contaced me again and is going to give me a partial refund - so im not sure if i shuld still leave negative or neutral feedback because she was so understanding - but i agree with what Lilcurly said - she shuld have checked more thoroughly

RE: NRFB is not NRFB - kuronekohime - 02-21-2011

If she gave a partial refund, leave neutral. if it was ebay you can file a claim, and get a full refund and free shipping back to the seller.

RE: NRFB is not NRFB - dunneh - 02-21-2011

If it was paypal you can claim the whole amount back as well, I think. You will lose out shipping the doll back though. That sucks. Personally I think they're lying... The difference between NRFB and MIB is pretty obvious, and I'm inclined to think she'd notice even if she had her in box the whole time. If you're happy with the partial refund, then I'd still leave a neutral. People have a right to know about the transaction, and hopefully it'll deter her from being dishonest in future.

RE: NRFB is not NRFB - MissMandyLynne - 02-21-2011

thanx everybody - ended up keeping the doll - i mean i was planning to customize her anyway - and i left neutral feedback - pretty much just said what was true - great price and great shipping but item was not as described - simple and easy yay

RE: NRFB is not NRFB - saffy - 02-21-2011

I think some people have no idea what Mint and NRFB or OOAK actually mean. I see ebay auctions all the time that have MINT or Like New condition dolls where the doll has obviously had a hair cut, redressed dolls with no actual modifications sold as one of a kind (and no, the outfits aren't handmade!) and NRFB for obviously opened and re-boxed dolls.

Another thing that annoys me is when people put *rare* and *hard to find* next to all their auctions for playline, easy to find dolls.

As for getting damaged dolls instead of what was advertised, well ebay is notorious for that and feedback numbers aren't really relevant as you get positives for buying.
(My ebay FB is almost 1300 positives but only 460 of that is sales because I do most of my shopping online.)
I much prefer getting dolls from dollymarket, flickr and livejournal or sticking to a few ebay sellers that I know and trust.

RE: NRFB is not NRFB - Chihiro - 02-21-2011

To me it's not what the item is like, it's the after customer care the seller offers. If the doll herself was not as described (E.g. faults, stains, marks) then I'd be leaning towards negative.
Since she was willing to do what you ask, I think positive seems rather reasonable ^^

Although... I just noticed she wasn't prepaired to refund postage if you sent her back -- That's not so reasonable -___-'

In all, if you're happy with the doll and the partial refund I'd leave positive.
If you wanted to return the doll, but don't want to lose shipping costs, that's a neutral since it's not what you really wanted.

RE: NRFB is not NRFB - NoDivision - 02-22-2011

I think neutral was the way to go, and a partial refund would be fine. I agree that sometimes people just have no idea. They see that the item is still in a box and looks decent and figure that means it's NIB or NRFB. Glad the outcome was fine for you anyway smile