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Brand New Bakery! - Cartagia - 03-06-2011

Ever since I first got into Pullips (wow, well over a year ago now) I fell in love with the rement bakery cabinet...but I've never had the funds when someone has been selling it, or it's been far too expensive...well I finally found someone a while back selling it on ebay UK for a reasonable price (£15) so I splashed out and was it ever worth it! xD It's an amazing little display for the breads and cakes - especially for my dolls who, in their story, own a bakery.

Here's a few pictures! I intend to make a sign for it eventually.

[Image: S6304644.jpg]

[Image: S6304646.jpg]

[Image: S6304662.jpg]

RE: Brand New Bakery! - Queenpegasus - 03-06-2011

Uhhhh lucky XD re-ment is so had to find in the uk

She looks perfect behind the counter =]

RE: Brand New Bakery! - Cartagia - 03-06-2011

It so is! I've seen more of it creeping onto ebay lately but I don't know what demand (if any) there is apart from the scant few of us who collect dollies. XD

I'm thinking I might need to go through my rement and sell off some the breads and things that don't work for me in the display, to fund buying some more pieces that would look better.

Thanks, I think she does too! ^^

RE: Brand New Bakery! - GreyBird1881 - 03-06-2011

Wow, she is so adorable behind the counter! That rement is super cute too!

RE: Brand New Bakery! - Cornflower Blue - 03-06-2011

You're making me hungry for pastries! LOL

RE: Brand New Bakery! - Lilcurly - 03-06-2011

ahhhhh! That is so cute!! <33

RE: Brand New Bakery! - Cartagia - 03-06-2011

Thanks guys! grin

Haha sorry Cornflower...XD <3

RE: Brand New Bakery! - CherryBlossomGirl - 03-07-2011

Ahhh so cute ^^ can I have a donnut please? >3< LOL

RE: Brand New Bakery! - Cartagia - 03-07-2011

LOL that pink one looks so good huh, with the frosting running down? XD

RE: Brand New Bakery! - CherryBlossomGirl - 03-07-2011

LOL Yes please mmm yummy!!!!

RE: Brand New Bakery! - Estrial - 03-07-2011

The cupboard's adorable, and all the little cakes look Yumm! Although, I really like the weighing scale, it makes the bakery counter looks like a french bakery.

RE: Brand New Bakery! - Cartagia - 03-07-2011

Thank you, I agree, the scales add a nice 'home made' feeling to it. :3 I want to get some little shelves to put behind her, so I can have plates and cups and suchlike on display as well, and maybe a cute coffee grinder...

RE: Brand New Bakery! - Little_Spark - 03-10-2011

That's so cute Heart 2

RE: Brand New Bakery! - Chihiro - 03-10-2011

Awwwwwwh! I saw a counter similar to this one on Blythe Kingdom and almost got it, even though I'm not into rement XD

RE: Brand New Bakery! - Grassshackgirl - 03-11-2011

Oooh, those treats look delicious! I thought re-ments looked a little small for pullips, but that case looks perfect size.