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My pony photos (G4 FiM) - Nell - 08-02-2011

Hi! I just started collecting ponies kind of recently and would like to share a photo of all the ones I have right now.
[Image: 5995064555_8083a8809e_z.jpg]

I have a set on my flickr for them if anyone would like to see more photos smile

RE: My pony photos (G4 FiM) - Lilcurly - 08-02-2011

They're very cute! <3

RE: My pony photos (G4 FiM) - SwordPony - 08-02-2011

I am in love with the new G4's. There all so cute!!!!

Congrats!!! I can't wait til the 3rd wave starts showing up!

RE: My pony photos (G4 FiM) - square - 08-02-2011

Your ponies are so cute grin They kind of look like vinyl toys to me.

RE: My pony photos (G4 FiM) - Nell - 08-03-2011

Lilcurly- Thanks ^^ I love them.

SwordPony- I can't wait for the next wave either!

square- Thank you! I'm pretty sure they are made of vinyl...

RE: My pony photos (G4 FiM) - Thylaylii - 08-03-2011

So adorable! I'm still waiting for any wave to appear in the shops over here :c

RE: My pony photos (G4 FiM) - Nell - 08-04-2011

Thylaylii I hope you can find them near you soon!
Maybe when you do get them they will have some of the European exclusive ponies too!
I've been debating whether to try to get those ones off ebay, or wait and see if they are released here or just stick to what I can find locally. o.o

RE: My pony photos (G4 FiM) - Little_Spark - 08-10-2011

Great G4 collection so far smile