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My latest custom! - kaoskat - 08-02-2011

This was made for a friend on another forum. Her name is Lagoona and her fish is Neptuna. They are based on Monster High dolls.

[Image: LagoonaNeptunasmall.jpg]
[Image: Lagoona2small.jpg]
[Image: Lagoona3small.jpg]
[Image: Lagoona4small.jpg]
[Image: Lagoona5small.jpg]
[Image: Lagoona6small.jpg]
[Image: Lagoona7small.jpg]
[Image: Lagoona8small.jpg]
[Image: Lagoona9small.jpg]
[Image: Lagoona10small.jpg]
[Image: Lagoonasmall.jpg]
[Image: Neptunasmall.jpg]
[Image: Neptuna2small.jpg]
[Image: Neptuna3small.jpg]

RE: My latest custom! - Kanamai - 08-02-2011

She is pretty! I like her little fish friend.

RE: My latest custom! - square - 08-02-2011

She's great grin Lagoona is my fave! Her accessories are perfect XD

RE: My latest custom! - McKenna - 08-03-2011

You did an amazing job on her! She looks great. Love her hair color too, it's so pretty.

RE: My latest custom! - Thylaylii - 08-03-2011

Wow the detail on her is amazing!

RE: My latest custom! - Little_Spark - 08-10-2011

I looooooove the outfit!