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Love, Balloons, Summer - sitara - 08-06-2011

[Image: 6012364183_00de73ab4b_b.jpg]
Ange & Quentin by ~*~Sitara~*~, on Flickr

Inspired by this:
Josh Goleman Engagement Photography

Ange and Quentin aren't really together, but they're good friends. Ange really likes Quentin, but he hasn't realized this yet... ^___~

RE: Love, Balloons, Summer - wampirencja - 08-06-2011

Amazing photo! I am stunned! Oh My
In my opinion they would make an excellent couple but I don't want to persuade anyone :3
[are those balloons "shopped"?]

RE: Love, Balloons, Summer - yellow_socks - 08-06-2011

Oh my goodness, what an amazing photo! It's absolutely beautiful :o I think they'd make a great couple :3 (although I'd also like to know, did you really find Pullip-sized balloons or are they edited in?)

RE: Love, Balloons, Summer - sitara - 08-06-2011

Thank you both! <3
And yes, the balloons are photoshopped xD I'd never done photoshopping that complex before, so it took me a really long time, but I'm very pleased with the result!

RE: Love, Balloons, Summer - NectarineFire - 08-06-2011

Awwwww what a heartwarming photo <3 So beautiful! Thanks for sharing

RE: Love, Balloons, Summer - Little_Spark - 08-06-2011

What a stunning pic, they look so happy together Heart 2

RE: Love, Balloons, Summer - Buzzingbumblebee - 08-09-2011

It's a beautiful pic ^^. The ballons are really cool smile. It's such a happy and warm pic.

RE: Love, Balloons, Summer - chocoang3l - 08-09-2011

What a beautiful photo and I totally love the editing n____n