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Sun Kissed - Lady Alec - 08-07-2011

[Image: 6015870350_0b1bb3b62e_z.jpg]

[Image: 6015870848_32227a7575_z.jpg]

[Image: 6015319615_8892a001c0_z.jpg]

Just some pretty photo's of my new girl Solaris! Just <3 her!

RE: Sun Kissed - SceneNeko - 08-07-2011

Oh she's lovely <3 I adore her face-up!

RE: Sun Kissed - Cherryfox - 08-07-2011

indeed her face is very lovely and I like the detail in her eye chips x

RE: Sun Kissed - LosTandFounD - 08-07-2011

Oh she's cute, she's really something special! Is she your custom? My favorite pictures i the third picture smile

RE: Sun Kissed - yellow_socks - 08-07-2011

Oh my gosh, she's so cute! I love her eyes-- is the sun really there, or is it edited in?

RE: Sun Kissed - Lady Alec - 08-07-2011

Thank you all! No I didn't do her lovely faceup Estrial from here did, I bought her from her. And yellow_socks there really is a sun her eye's!

[Image: 6016325748_0e9c5a3e3f_z.jpg]

RE: Sun Kissed - square - 08-07-2011

Congrats on owning such a beautiful doll! Solaris is just 100% amazing, I'm glad she went to a good home.

RE: Sun Kissed - Lady Alec - 08-07-2011

Thank you and she most defiantly 100% amazing!

RE: Sun Kissed - Buzzingbumblebee - 08-08-2011

She is amazing ^^. I love the eyes.

RE: Sun Kissed - Lilcurly - 08-08-2011

She is so pretty, those freckles r done perfectly.

RE: Sun Kissed - Buzzingbumblebee - 08-09-2011

I keep having to go back to this post ^^. Her eyes draw me in smile. How is it possible to get that sun symbol in there? I really have to learn how to change eye chips.

RE: Sun Kissed - Cherryfox - 08-09-2011

those look like two tone cool cat chips and all you would do is leave the sun out when you painted the back of the pupil x

RE: Sun Kissed - Cornflower Blue - 08-09-2011

She's very pretty! I like those eyes, too.

RE: Sun Kissed - Buzzingbumblebee - 08-10-2011

Thank you Cherryfox, that makes sense ^^. x

RE: Sun Kissed - Lady Alec - 08-10-2011

Thank you!