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My Eos - Buzzingbumblebee - 08-09-2011

I have taken some pics with her wings on. I actually managed to pose her so she didn't tip over ^^. She is about to fly smile.

[Image: DSCF5152.jpg]

[Image: DSCF5153-1.jpg]

RE: My Eos - yellow_socks - 08-09-2011

What lovely photos! Eos is so pretty, and she looks so cute with the sky as a background like that! <3

RE: My Eos - Cherryfox - 08-09-2011

she's so pretty, fab pics too x

RE: My Eos - Little_Spark - 08-09-2011

Those pics are wonderful, she looks so free Heart 2

RE: My Eos - Buzzingbumblebee - 08-10-2011

Thank you ^^. That's the effect I was going for smile. And I love her so much more with her hair loose. I love taking photos, and it's more fun with dolls than ponies ^^.

RE: My Eos - SwordPony - 08-10-2011

She looks so pretty!!! Congrats on her!!! She really is a stunning girl!!!

RE: My Eos - NectarineFire - 08-10-2011

Epic shots! grin They really express a spirit of adventure \o/

RE: My Eos - Lady Alec - 08-10-2011

Beautiful! You make me really want some of those wings!

RE: My Eos - SceneNeko - 08-10-2011

She looks beautiful! I love the pretty sky background~

RE: My Eos - darkviolet - 08-10-2011

Eos is one of the most wonderful Pullips ever...she kind of was my first...the first I ordered, but I had to wait 3 month until I got her ( preorder...) she is very beautiful how you posed her!!

RE: My Eos - Buzzingbumblebee - 08-11-2011

Thank you ^^. I hope I can get the best out of all my dolls (when I get them). I have a feeling I will be taking lots of photos. I think I have caught her personality but I have yet to figure out a personal name for her.

I love her wings but I can't display her with them all the time as it was really difficult to balance her right. I tied a pony ribbon on the wings to get them in that position, they kind of droop down without it.