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Shinku chan ^.^ - Yuuki - 08-23-2011


My first phototopic on this forum yay so I am exited, please forgive my grammar mistakes.

This is my doll Shinku chan, I have bought I think about 5 months ago without her stock wig and eyes. I am so lucky and found her stock wig (altough its such a terrible fizzy wig, groove makes terrible wigs Sweatdrop)
And then I search for new eyes for her because I coudn't find her stock eyes straight . So now a few months later I have six pair of blue eyes Whacked and still not the right color! I have bought animal eyes, ixtee, coolcat and still not the right one! So have made these eyes myself with paper and clear eyechips from coolcat after a example from Shinku in the anime.

[Image: IMG_3777.jpg]
[Image: IMG_3802.jpg]
Bye bye! Heart 2

RE: Shinku chan ^.^ - sceimhiuil - 08-23-2011

Wonderful job on the eyechips! grin

RE: Shinku chan ^.^ - Yuuki - 08-23-2011

(08-23-2011, 02:34 AM)sceimhiuil Wrote: Wonderful job on the eyechips! grin

Thank you! I am still a bit insecure about them Innocent they have still a few flaw.

RE: Shinku chan ^.^ - Little_Spark - 08-23-2011

Those chips are absolutely perfect, she looks awesome Heart 2

RE: Shinku chan ^.^ - milkytea - 08-23-2011

She's beautiful~ I think you did a lovely job on her new eyechips. ♥

RE: Shinku chan ^.^ - Yuuki - 08-23-2011

Thank you both so much blush

RE: Shinku chan ^.^ - mrsmarks - 08-23-2011

Very lovely! It fits her look perfectly!

RE: Shinku chan ^.^ - Lilcurly - 08-23-2011

I think she looks really good, you've done an awesome job on her eye chips smile

RE: Shinku chan ^.^ - harajukupat - 08-23-2011

I agree, the eyechips came out lovely! They have a lot of life in themsmile

RE: Shinku chan ^.^ - Minako - 08-25-2011

I love Rozen Maiden , so I love the Dolls, too! Shinku is my Fav charakter <3
And the eyechips are sooo awesome! Very good job! smile

RE: Shinku chan ^.^ - Yuuki - 08-26-2011

Thank you all so much Innocent makes me really happy that you all like her new eyes Happy

@Minako I really want to eat your're pictue Rb_bigO

RE: Shinku chan ^.^ - Minako - 08-26-2011

(08-26-2011, 12:57 AM)Yuuki Wrote: @Minako I really want to eat your're pictue Rb_bigO

Haha come on, eat it xD