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Disney World! - Lady Alec - 08-26-2011

Photo’s from my family’s trip to Disney World!

[Image: 6074468115_f32e7051b9_z.jpg]
Meanwhile in Canada

[Image: 6081515324_cfb7b3c0fe_z.jpg]
Djaq in Canada at Epcot.

[Image: 6080978965_e707443394_z.jpg]
Djaq and my mother in China at Epcot.

[Image: 6081515070_b27b7ce72d_z.jpg]
Djaq in front of the Castle at the Magic Kingdom.

[Image: 6081514450_72d00b6663_z.jpg]
Djaq and I in the UK at Epcot.

[Image: 6080978067_2f9a7d94c8_z.jpg]
Djaq at Epcot! Djaq’s seat was provided by my most wonderful brother!

RE: Disney World! - SwordPony - 08-26-2011

That's awesome that you took her with you!!! Lovely pictures!!!

You famliy looks like good sports about letting her sit on them!! Ha ha

RE: Disney World! - Lady Alec - 08-26-2011

^Yeah their really great about my dolls and thank you!

RE: Disney World! - milkytea - 08-26-2011

Very cute pictures! It looks like she had lots of fun at Disney World!

RE: Disney World! - Lilcurly - 08-26-2011

Lol, cute piccies, my girls have that T-shirt :p

What's Epcot?

RE: Disney World! - Lady Alec - 08-27-2011

Thank you! ^Epcot is one of the parks in Disney World.

RE: Disney World! - McKenna - 08-27-2011

Those are great shots. :-) I Heart Disney. Her Minnie shirt is cute, where did you find it?

RE: Disney World! - Lady Alec - 08-30-2011

Thank you! The shirt is a scrap booking shirt that a friend got off eBay.

RE: Disney World! - cmair1202 - 08-30-2011

That looks so fun. I have never been to Disney world..sad

RE: Disney World! - N0xx7 - 08-30-2011

*o* Ahhhh magic kingdom castle....soo shinyy

I've only been to Disney Land... Love your shots, s'pecially how she was riding on his head, very cute!

RE: Disney World! - Lady Alec - 08-30-2011