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Dolly facebook. - Sayonara - 08-27-2011

I wanted to photoshoot my girls so badly but it's dark and all of my pictures come out crappy, like cellphone pictures. But I couldn't wait! So..I had this idea. The poor quality of the photo just makes it better.
But it's kind of hard to tell she's holding a cellphone..

[Image: 2wfl4l5.jpg]

[Honey has updated her status to: "Have to cut my ringlets off soon. I will miss them so much! :'("]

[Image: rhplb4.png]: Awww. The world's smallest violin is playing just for you. :'(
[Image: zjar9y.png]: You're just jealous of my ringlets, stock-head.

^ It's like dolly facebook. xD

RE: Dolly facebook. - Lilcurly - 08-27-2011

Lol!! I love that, very clever :p

RE: Dolly facebook. - SwordPony - 08-27-2011

what a neat ideal!!!

Very cute!!!