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Tiphona - ver2 - 09-09-2011

How much is she worth now that she's sold out?

Nrfb, mint, and nude?

On eBay I've seen them $240ish NRFB, but I haven't seen out of box or nude tiphonas since they sold out.

RE: Tiphona - bermea - 01-29-2014

Moving this thread up to see if anyone has an idea on the price of this girl complete with box?

RE: Tiphona - pixachii - 01-29-2014

She's currently in stock at PullipStyle for $120 USD, so I'd say somewhere around there, maybe give or take $10?

RE: Tiphona - vadafade - 01-29-2014

She's currently in stock at PS for $120. So if she has been removed from her box but is still in excellent condition with complete stock, she will be worth approximately $90-100. If she goes out of stock again, then she will be worth more, obviously -- whatever the secondhand market is willing to pay for her.

ETA: Ha! Pixachii beat me to it by one minute. wink

RE: Tiphona - bermea - 01-30-2014

Got it, thanks everyone.