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Flutterfluff - Kanamai - 10-03-2011

[Image: 6201231700_dcd6f23558_z.jpg]

This is Flutterfluff, she was made for a trade I am doing on DeviantArt. I am extremely happy with how she turned out. I kinda almost don't wanna send her to her new home. She is way too cute.

RE: Flutterfluff - MintyFresh - 10-03-2011

Awww! I really really like her! That color combo is really nice! I love her ear tips Happy

RE: Flutterfluff - Lilcurly - 10-26-2011

She is very cute, how big is she?

RE: Flutterfluff - Kanamai - 10-27-2011

(10-26-2011, 06:31 PM)Lilcurly Wrote: She is very cute, how big is she?

She is the tiny G4 size.