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Adeliza, another custom - kaoskat - 10-06-2011

It was said there was a young man who met a beautiful young lady walking on his way home late one night. He invited her to his home. They ate and drank together by candle light. She was the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen. She seemed taken with him as well. He invited her to stay the night.

After a night of passion, the young man awoke to find his lover cold. Upon closer inspection, he discovered wounds and bruising that had not been visible in the dim light the previous evening. His lover, had in fact, been dead for quite some time.....

The Demon Lover

Adeliza was given an FBR in acrylics and is rehaired in Dollyhair Sunlight & Golden Goddess. Her dress is all handsewn and is removable. Her mask is removable too. Oh! And her eyes totally glow in the dark!!!!!! And all the blood (and her eyes) is Triple Thick Glossed!

[Image: Adeliza7small.jpg]
[Image: Adeliza8small.jpg]
[Image: Adeliza10small.jpg]
[Image: Adeliza9small.jpg]
[Image: Adelizasmall.jpg]
[Image: Adeliza2small.jpg]
[Image: Adeliza3small.jpg]
[Image: Adeliza4small.jpg]
[Image: Adeliza5small.jpg]
[Image: Adeliza6small.jpg]

RE: Adeliza, another custom - captainfantastic - 10-06-2011

Although I generally don't venture to the pony areas of the boards, I love the idea for this custom. It reminds me of an old campfire ghost story. Very creative. :3

RE: Adeliza, another custom - oonyaoo - 10-06-2011

I love that you even went to the effort as to include bruising! Fantastic job!

RE: Adeliza, another custom - fer_mrt - 12-09-2011

poor ponny ^^

RE: Adeliza, another custom - KiraKira - 12-09-2011

I love the story behind the pony. Very nicely done! smile

RE: Adeliza, another custom - prettypuppet - 07-21-2012

Love her paint job ! She has beautiful hair too

RE: Adeliza, another custom - youngatheart - 11-13-2012

I love what youve done with her and love the story!

RE: Adeliza, another custom - kitten-squid - 11-14-2012

Wow! That's sooooo cool and creative! You did an amazing job on the paint and hair too!

RE: Adeliza, another custom - Jemisard - 02-12-2013

I love the idea that her eyes glow in the dark! That's fantastic, just like a good old ghost story.