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My Poniehs - repulsive333 - 10-26-2011

Here is a group shot of all my ponies!
Can you spot the Large custom? That is Spectacular Spectacular. <3
[Image: Groupponies.jpg]

I also have the start of a Starsong army up in the corner.

RE: My Poniehs - Lilcurly - 10-26-2011

You have a lovely collection, & I spy monster high dolls! smile

RE: My Poniehs - repulsive333 - 10-26-2011

Oh thank you so much!
And yes. (I AM A HUGE FAN OF MH) I am working on getting Spectra & Abbey right now...
But it is hard when money is tough and there are so many scalpers out there.

RE: My Poniehs - kitten-squid - 11-04-2011

That's some nice shelves full of awesome you've got there!! smile

RE: My Poniehs - milkytea - 11-05-2011

Your pony collection looks great!

RE: My Poniehs - repulsive333 - 11-06-2011