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The Other Vampire - Cornflower Blue - 10-31-2011

Euphemia ventured out on a cloudy day for some pics for Halloween. She borrowed her outfit from an Azone Pure Neemo Lien.

[Image: 6295558805_f1088b6a79_z.jpg]

[Image: 6296089202_46c51c6c63_z.jpg]

[Image: 6296088800_71b722d138_z.jpg]

[Image: 6295557549_2e9e7475e3_z.jpg]

RE: The Other Vampire - Miss Edith - 10-31-2011

I love Lilith and I love your photography so it's win/win here smile

RE: The Other Vampire - near - 10-31-2011

This Byul is gorgeous, my sister has them all and always want to steal them xDDD

RE: The Other Vampire - harajukupat - 10-31-2011

awesome pics and outfit!! shes a great byulsmile

RE: The Other Vampire - milkytea - 10-31-2011

She looks fantastic! The tiny gravestone is perfect with her.

RE: The Other Vampire - Little_Spark - 11-01-2011

Everything about those pictures is just perfect!

RE: The Other Vampire - Cornflower Blue - 11-02-2011

Thanks for all the wonderful comments!