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Repulsive333 Custom Ponies! - repulsive333 - 11-16-2011

Hello there... I have only technically made 4 custom ponies... But i am very proud of them.
They are all G3

I am doing more when i have the space, but i had to give my art room up for renting out... lol

Her name is Midnight Realm she was my very first custom... I had problems because i didn't use a rehairing tool, oi... will never customize anything ever again without one...
She is dyed and repainted with Golden acrylics... Also all of her spots glow in the dark...
She is rehaired with cheap hair...
[Image: 100_4759.jpg]

NEXT IS Spectacular Spectacular!
She is rehaired with 4 different types of Dolly hair, She is Styling sized
She is airbrushed with white and iridescent violet golden paints. She has gems as her cutie mark and a few on her NDS front foot.
She is the best custom i have made so far... and she is for SALE...
[Image: 292913_235331476502995_100000784320931_5...8141_n.jpg]

Sinister Dream: She was my EVIL pony that i made for my best friend...
She was made with nylon hair from a hair shop. Bright red and single black streaks in her boiled permed curls...
She was airbrushed with red golden paint, (i only use golden paints)
Her cutie mark is a temporary tattoo that i sealed with soft gel.
[Image: Sinisterdream.jpg]

Black Roze: I made her for my dad. He used to have a band called "black roze" so i tried to make him a pony that fit that idea best...
She is made with Bright red, black and burgundy nylon hair.
Airbrushed and Painted with golden acrylics. Her cutie mark is also a temporary tattoo that i sealed with soft gel.
[Image: BlackRoze.jpg]

Let me know what you think!

RE: Repulsive333 Custom Ponies! - Lilanie - 11-17-2011

Spectacular Spectacular is so gorgeous it's crazy. *drools*

RE: Repulsive333 Custom Ponies! - Cherryfox - 11-17-2011

great work! x

RE: Repulsive333 Custom Ponies! - Lady Luvlee - 06-06-2012

Spectacular Spectacular is easily the prettiest Style Size custom I've seen~brava

RE: Repulsive333 Custom Ponies! - KiraKira - 06-06-2012

Spectacular Spectacular is definitely spectacular! The colors are pretty, and the starburst gem design is so cool!

My favorites of your custom ponies are the dark ones--Sinister Dream & Black Roze. Really nice work!


RE: Repulsive333 Custom Ponies! - sandrioxa - 06-11-2012

love the last red-black haired smile i'ts pretty

RE: Repulsive333 Custom Ponies! - Sheyla_Fae - 02-07-2014

Do you do customs for MLP FiM ponies?