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Djaq - Lady Alec - 11-18-2011

[Image: 6354599989_7ef08dfdf9_z.jpg]

[Image: 6354600105_75b21474e2_z.jpg]
Djaq got her new body! She is SO happy with it, hehe so I’m I.

[Image: 6354605669_db4e45ec49_z.jpg]
I was trying to get a nice photo of her and Ed but she kept goofing off. Ed wasn’t amused because he wanted a nice photo too and we were running out of time, but we did get one in the end.

[Image: 6354605785_c1c74fc351_z.jpg]
This is the nice photo we eventually got.

RE: Djaq - kitten-squid - 11-18-2011

She's a cutie, and I love her hair! What a beautiful color! smile

RE: Djaq - Lilcurly - 11-19-2011

Gorgeous piccy in the end smile She looks great on her new body, I love her top & waistcoat.

RE: Djaq - Lady Alec - 11-19-2011

Thank you!

RE: Djaq - Cherryfox - 11-19-2011

fab pictures as always x

RE: Djaq - Bubblefox - 11-20-2011

Djaq looks so good with her new body! A girl full of energy eh? grin I love the last pic too! So sweet!

RE: Djaq - Little_Spark - 11-24-2011

I love her overall colours!

RE: Djaq - Lady Alec - 11-24-2011

Thank you!

RE: Djaq - Dajm - 11-25-2011

She is beutifull, I lowe the hair and hers cloth <333