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Norah (Dal Puki) - Celenia - 12-07-2011

She is Norah, my dal Puki.
I changed her stock wig for a mohair wig.
I love Norah.

[Image: p1070960q.jpg]

[Image: p1120944k.jpg]

[Image: p1120946q.jpg]

[Image: p1120948.jpg]

[Image: p1120951.jpg]

RE: Norah (Dal Puki) - Bloodstained - 12-07-2011

Oh, she's so adorable! :3

RE: Norah (Dal Puki) - kitten-squid - 12-07-2011

What a little cutie! grin

RE: Norah (Dal Puki) - TrueFan - 12-07-2011

I love her wig! She's very cute.

RE: Norah (Dal Puki) - Cornflower Blue - 12-07-2011

She's very cute and I love her dress!

RE: Norah (Dal Puki) - Little_Spark - 12-07-2011

That wig suits her perfectly, she is such a cutie-pie Heart 2

RE: Norah (Dal Puki) - chocoang3l - 12-08-2011

Norah looks really great in mohair n_____n ..
Dal puki is just the best dal ever !

RE: Norah (Dal Puki) - Celenia - 12-09-2011

Thank you very much!
I am so glad you like Norah.