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So little time. - martah - 01-19-2012

No time for dolls lately. No time for hobbies. It`s driving me crazy!
I played with my little ones today to relax and shot some quickies. Ony two though, the lighting was so bad.

[Image: 6721056513_97a0f746a1_z.jpg]

Their cute outfits Heart
[Image: 6721233197_772fac1f7f_z.jpg]

RE: So little time. - Minako - 01-19-2012

Both are sooo cute Special 2

RE: So little time. - Miruku Bunny - 01-19-2012

Ahhh so cute! u.u
I love them both <333

RE: So little time. - akazukin - 01-19-2012

Beautiful! I love the outfits you dressed them up with, *___* the cords~

RE: So little time. - kitten-squid - 01-19-2012

Gah! They're so pretty! The cute little bear necklace just kills me! smile

RE: So little time. - harajukupat - 01-19-2012

*eeep* wherever did you get their clothes? I looove itsmile

RE: So little time. - KiraKira - 01-19-2012

Pretty girls! I love their outfits. smile

RE: So little time. - martah - 01-20-2012

(01-19-2012, 12:16 PM)harajukupat Wrote: *eeep* wherever did you get their clothes? I looove itsmile

I buy their clothes mostly on Ebay, Etsy and smile

Thank you everyone! Heart

RE: So little time. - Lilcurly - 01-20-2012

Gorgeous outfits <3 so pretty & girly smile Love their eyechips too!

RE: So little time. - Cornflower Blue - 01-20-2012

They looks so cute! I love all the mix and match pieces.

RE: So little time. - near - 01-20-2012

both are beautiful