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what features draw you to a doll? - Bella - 02-01-2012

i was just wondering what features do you prefer when looking for a doll or does your favorite doll have that makes them perfect.

for me, it sounds weird but its all about the eyebrows for me, i think i would pass up an amazing deal on a nice doll if i didnt like the eyebrows... well probably not but you get the drift.

i think eos's eyebrows are so amazing, i love her whole faceup but the eyebrows do it for me. and for a tae, i look for light eye makeup and pale skin but the eyebrows have to be a big drawing point.

secondly i think the lips on a pullip are important, i like light pink and glossy <3

and for a Dal i like the 'smiling' look, i know most people see dal and think she looks grumpy but some of them have this slight smile that melts my heart. like Angry; she is my first dal and was my grail simply because i used to hate the way dal looked, she looked like she was puckering and it creeped me out, but one day i looked at Angry and saw this face that reminded me of a baby chicken, an angry baby chicken, and i just had to have her! now i see the baby chicken on every dal and i just want to adopt them all *A*

btw, my Angry's name is Adelle. heheh

as for byul.. i still cant get over her pucker, she looks like she is blowing bubbles to me >_<
i hope one day i see something in her face that reminds me of something that i love... like fish... do you know that fishies go pook?

RE: what features draw you to a doll? - MissMandyLynne - 02-01-2012

alot of times its just cuz they look cute like Jimmy, Sith, Jet(sucre), Hash, Arietta - and then theres the charactors i cant live without like Auska and Rei - and then theres all those baits that become my awesome customs like Jack and Ulquiorra - oh and by the way... ive got some more of those awesome customs on the way - probably around Puddle 2013

RE: what features draw you to a doll? - SavannahFaerie - 02-01-2012

I really look for faceups in dolls, although I'm super happy with customs or even partial customs! (Like my favorite boy Sora!! ^-^)