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Sleepover (picture heavy) - Queenpegasus - 02-20-2012

Trust me to get the idea to take a photo when the lights going in .__. Anyways Alexis and Pinkiepie decided to have a sleepover, hope you enjoy :3

[Image: Sleepover015.jpg?t=1329678971]
[Image: Sleepover032.jpg?t=1329678958]
[Image: Sleepover040.jpg?t=1329678942]
[Image: Sleepover053.jpg?t=1329678919]
[Image: Sleepover054.jpg?t=1329678907]

Bonus Picture:
[Image: Sleepover002.jpg?t=1329678981]
He wanted to be in the photoshoot all the time, the amount of times I had to shoo him away LOL

RE: Sleepover (picture heavy) - wampirencja - 02-20-2012

Sleepover? Charming idea, but it looks more like eat-over LOL Lucky dolls, never loose their amazing waist.
I hope they had great time ^ ^

RE: Sleepover (picture heavy) - Lilcurly - 02-21-2012

lol, cute! Love the cat piccy at the end :p He wanted his 5 minutes of fame lol.