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RE: My rainbow girl! <3 - Lilcurly - 03-27-2012

Gorgeous smile Love the wig & eyechips on her, they really suit her.

RE: My rainbow girl! <3 - Miss Edith - 03-27-2012

yep it is Happy Camille smile They are a wonderful company, DOA has group orders and you can choose up to 3 colours per wig and design custom mixes. Those gradient wigs (they also sell a red/orange/yellow and a purple/blue/pale blue) were ordered by the lovely lady who runs the GO's. Hers turned out so well that HC adopted those 3 (so far) as stock items.

RE: My rainbow girl! <3 - martah - 03-27-2012

Great wig ! And she has uber cute eyes too!
I'm voting for Mujigae as well. smile

RE: My rainbow girl! <3 - LuluRose - 04-06-2012

That wig is fantastic! lovely muted rainbow colours instead of neon which is what you usually see.
Her eyes are also really cute. Pretty girl!