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My entire Pullip family - Tagi - 04-17-2012

Picture was taken in January but I never really posted it many places and haven't gotten a new Pullip since:

[Image: 6787906489_8192da8e4f.jpg]
collection by Ichigotchi, on Flickr

It's 17 including everybody >_<

RE: My entire Pullip family - Aienhime - 04-17-2012

Wow what a beautiful family! And what a fun way to make a picture of them all ^^

RE: My entire Pullip family - Mag - 04-18-2012

Awesome family!

RE: My entire Pullip family - wampirencja - 04-19-2012

How cool smile Doll family photos are nice idea, you have quite a big bunch!

RE: My entire Pullip family - ladywindsor - 04-19-2012

What a great group photo!
Thanks for sharing.

RE: My entire Pullip family - KiraKira - 04-19-2012

I love your group photo! Lots of cool dolls in there. Your pullip family is just about the same size as mine. smile

RE: My entire Pullip family - Tagi - 04-19-2012

Thanks everybody!

I feel I've hit a nice number, all the pullips that I've labeled 'must haves' I have already beside my ultimate grails the first Happy birthday couple, and any ones on my 'would really like to have list' are all being released this year so I'm under no pressure.

It's a nice feeling to have. I dunno how much bigger may family is going to grow, I just now it will be slowly from this point on.

KiraKara - glad to know I've almost caught up to a mod actually. Makes me feel more accomplished LOL

RE: My entire Pullip family - elbly - 05-30-2012

You have so many! They look really happy together though Happy