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RE: New Wig for Akemi! - kitten-squid - 05-19-2012

That wig is possibly the most fantastic one I've ever seen! I want hair like that! xD

RE: New Wig for Akemi! - Mag - 05-19-2012

LOL Me too! Thanks so much!

RE: New Wig for Akemi! - elbly - 05-30-2012

That colour's amazing, she looks great.

RE: New Wig for Akemi! - Mag - 05-30-2012

Thank you!

RE: New Wig for Akemi! - blukat - 06-07-2012

Very fun look and first wig with detachable tails that I have seen! Definitely have to check it out.

RE: New Wig for Akemi! - Mag - 06-08-2012


RE: New Wig for Akemi! - sandrioxa - 06-11-2012

oh how much hair!! have a lot of possibilitys wiht that quantity of hair!! i love it! wher you buy it?