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Kacey & Kitty <3 - Lilcurly - 06-12-2012

Kitty got her wig stolen :p they'll have the same one when I can find it on Ebay, but for the time being Kitty's back in her stock wig.

So, introducing Kacey, Kitty's big sister & partner in all things colourful & bright smile

[Image: 7177832957_45015d5d03.jpg]
DSC01255 by Lilcurly, on Flickr

[Image: 7362975146_b7ea921e88.jpg]
DSC01257 by Lilcurly, on Flickr


[Image: 7177740387_0d52ded416.jpg]
DSC01253 by Lilcurly, on Flickr


RE: Kacey & Kitty <3 - Cornflower Blue - 06-12-2012

Kacey looks great in that red wig and she looks enough like Kitty to make an excellent sibling.

RE: Kacey & Kitty <3 - KiraKira - 06-12-2012

They do look like sisters! So pretty!

RE: Kacey & Kitty <3 - Miss Edith - 06-12-2012

they are a beautiful pair -- I always love redheads ! Akoya has one of the best faceups IMO

RE: Kacey & Kitty <3 - Lilcurly - 06-12-2012

Thanks guys! I'm really pleased with how they look together smile & I keep lookng at Kacey & thinking Kitty cuz of the wig lol. I hope I can find another the same - I bought that one so long ago that the link on my ebay feedback isn't showing the picture anymore sad So I think it's going to take a few attempts before I manage to get the exact right one. I may have some red wigs up for sale soon :p

RE: Kacey & Kitty <3 - kitten-squid - 06-13-2012

They are too cute together! Kacey is stunning and I think you've caused me to want an Akoya now! xD

RE: Kacey & Kitty <3 - Lilcurly - 06-15-2012

Lol, Akoya is a gorgeous doll, her face-up is so colourful <3

RE: Kacey & Kitty <3 - Little_Spark - 06-20-2012

All that red, they look awesome together!

RE: Kacey & Kitty <3 - Lilcurly - 06-20-2012

Thank you! grin

RE: Kacey & Kitty <3 - near - 06-22-2012

look like twins!

RE: Kacey & Kitty <3 - Lilcurly - 06-25-2012

^They do look very similar smile Kacey is older than Kitty though.

RE: Kacey & Kitty <3 - ashbunny2027 - 07-01-2012

Congratulations Lilcurly!!
Another stunning doll joining your family grin
You have such an eye for choosing unexpected colours, id never have imagined Akoya as a redhead but Kaceys wig is fantastic on her! <3

RE: Kacey & Kitty <3 - Lilcurly - 07-01-2012

^Thank you smile I do like my bright colours :p