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Raven's new look! - Lilcurly - 06-12-2012

(sorry, last thread! I'm not spamming honest! Sweatdrop )

So, when I ordered Raven's wigs, I originally ordered her the orange curly one she's been wearing, & a purple one. The purple one never arrived, & I've always thought it would suit her better really. So, when I removed Kacey's stock wig, I decided to try it on Raven. & I love it! It looks so much better smile Since putting this wig on her I've got her character sorted & written out (at long last!). Here she was before....

[Image: 6686000163_124618d995.jpg]
Raven by Lilcurly, on Flickr

And here she is now....

[Image: 7363147234_a2ea142a32.jpg]
DSC01250 by Lilcurly, on Flickr

[Image: 7363030824_d146f4b28c.jpg]
DSC01251 by Lilcurly, on Flickr

What do you guys think?

RE: Raven's new look! - MintyFresh - 06-12-2012

I agree! The purple wig looks amazing! I think it's so much easier to develop a doll's personality when they have the perfect wig! grin

RE: Raven's new look! - Cornflower Blue - 06-12-2012

I like her in the purple better, too. Having bangs to hide her eyebrows works better than the long swept back ones of the orange wig.

RE: Raven's new look! - icesymphany - 06-12-2012

It's pretty XD It's weird how minor adjustments can change a doll so drastically XD

RE: Raven's new look! - Miss Edith - 06-12-2012

she is lovely in both, but I must admit I am the minority -- I prefer the orange, both colour & style. I know exactly what you mean though, they look "right" to you all of a sudden. I am so happy you have Raven sorted now smile

RE: Raven's new look! - Lilcurly - 06-12-2012

Thanks all smile lol, Miss Edith - I might try & get hold of a doll to customise for the purple wig, give her some nice bright eye colour to match it in better.