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Feedback for Elagabalus - elagabalus - 09-12-2012

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RE: Feedback for Elagabalus - nomore_noless - 12-05-2012

+1 for being a wonderful buyer!
Friendly communication, fast payment... this was a fantastic transaction! She's a pleasure to deal with and I highly recommend!
Thank you again!! grin

RE: Feedback for Elagabalus - Leannarchy - 04-09-2013

+1 wonderful buyer, quick & easy transaction. would definitely love to do business with again smile

RE: Feedback for Elagabalus - nomore_noless - 04-27-2013

+1 amazing seller
I commissioned her for a Tae cardigan and it's so adorable and fits so well and I'm so in love with it -- it is PERFECT!! I really appreciate you doing this for me!! grin