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Pony Play! #1 - Bloodstained - 01-19-2013

[Image: 8392208837_23a5e1fe7e.jpg]
Untitled by Shugahime
Pinkie: C'MON Fluttershy, I wanna watch TV! -giggle- grin
Fluttershy: B-But... we're soooo high up...

[Image: 8392211419_1ca04d97a0.jpg]
Untitled by Shugahime
Pinkie: But this is the best seats to be able to see the TV!

[Image: 8392212979_8456d87656.jpg]
Untitled by Shugahime
Fluttershy: I-Is whatever on TV r-really THAT important?

[Image: 8392218151_2cc88b063a.jpg]
Untitled by Shugahime
Pinkie: Of COURSE! Its matter of good seating! grin Now c'mon. <3
Fluttershy: O-Okay. -clop clop-

[Image: 8392219837_667f3bac9d.jpg]
Untitled by Shugahime
Pinkie: See?! What did I tell ya? grin
Fluttershy: Y-You're right... this is a good spot.


First person to correctly name what TV show their watching will have their username will be featured in the next installment of Pony Play! :3

RE: Pony Play! #1 - FishiesGoPook - 01-19-2013



*makes with the rock fists* and poor Flutts lol but she'd really like BMW lol

RE: Pony Play! #1 - Bloodstained - 01-19-2013

Bingo! We have a winnar! grin
And yes, I think Flutters likes it now. ^^

RE: Pony Play! #1 - FishiesGoPook - 01-19-2013


i bet she like Topanga lmao

RE: Pony Play! #1 - MissMandyLynne - 01-19-2013

haha - I cant wait till the second installment *Girl Meets World* is released on Disney - I mean its Cory and Topanga's daughter! - EPIC WIN!!!

RE: Pony Play! #1 - Bloodstained - 01-19-2013

-googled it- I'm excited. grin
I hope Disney doesn't screw it up.

RE: Pony Play! #1 - Lilcurly - 01-19-2013

Lol, is Fluttershy afraid of heights?? :p