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Yeolume in Korisu Factory - Cornflower Blue - 07-01-2013

Along with an Azone PNXS body for my Yeolume, I also picked up most of Byul Paradis' stock outfit from another collector at PUDDLE. I didn't specifically get it for her, but she looks pretty darn cute in it.
[Image: 9176302818_878f0e2456_z.jpg]
I've always admired Korisu Factory's more elaborate dresses. The interesting fabric combinations, embroidery, ribbons, buttons, and beads remind me of crazy quilting.
[Image: 9176306632_c5fa64c4bc_z.jpg]
And I replaced her stock eyechips with a pair of Kira Kira eyechips.
[Image: 9176308656_2436889fc2_z.jpg]

The Paradis stock pretty much hides her PNXS body, so I took a few photos with her dressed in summery attire.
[Image: 9246233958_820e9faa66_z.jpg]

[Image: 9243452435_539cbf4541_z.jpg]

[Image: 9243450651_cfc7d00d0f_z.jpg]

RE: Yeolume in Korisu Factory - Lilcurly - 07-01-2013

She looks really pretty smile That Azone looks like a good match to her too.

RE: Yeolume in Korisu Factory - beajjai033 - 07-01-2013

She's really pretty with those KiraKira chips. I love the first pic - she looks adorable & the body is indeed a good match.
Yeolume has potential to be beautiful with a few modifications smile

RE: Yeolume in Korisu Factory - KiraKira - 07-01-2013

Awww....she's so cute! I love her with the new body you gave her, and the outfit is perfect for her. Now I want a Yeolume too.

RE: Yeolume in Korisu Factory - martah - 07-01-2013

Adorable! I really want a Yeolume now too...

RE: Yeolume in Korisu Factory - ichigo3lemon - 07-02-2013

She is super cute!

RE: Yeolume in Korisu Factory - Cornflower Blue - 07-02-2013

Thanks! The PNXS in white is like the white Obitsu in that it has a bit more color to it than Yeolume's head. But it's not too obvious. She needs some option hands so she can play her accordion.

RE: Yeolume in Korisu Factory - TrueFan - 07-02-2013

Wow, you've put a lot of work into her! I haven't seen that stock in detail. It's very interesting.

RE: Yeolume in Korisu Factory - KiraKira - 07-03-2013

Did you have to do any altering of the neck peg of the body to put Yeolume's head on it? Is it similar to sanding/sawing down the obitsu neck peg for installation?

RE: Yeolume in Korisu Factory - pixachii - 07-03-2013

Ack! That's it - these photos finally made me crack and order the PN XS body for my Yeolume. She's just too cute with it!! Special 3 I adore how she looks in this outfit, too!

I second Kirakira's question. How labor intensive was the body swap?

RE: Yeolume in Korisu Factory - aylw88 - 07-03-2013 I want a Yeolume too LOL! She looks adorable!

RE: Yeolume in Korisu Factory - Fawnette - 07-03-2013

Now I want Yeolume even more. LOL She's suuuch a cutie, and that body looks perfect with her! Also curious about the body swap~
And what a cute outfit! I love that crazy quilt look as well.

RE: Yeolume in Korisu Factory - Cornflower Blue - 07-03-2013

Thanks for all the comments!

I've seen Byul Paradis for a decent price on Amazon, but finding her stock at PUDDLE saved me the trouble of getting the whole doll just for the outfit.

On to the body stuff:
[Image: 9166033999_2707d6897d_z.jpg]
I had to trim the top of the neck peg down a bit to fit under the eye mech and fatten up the base of the peg like I would with an Obitsu. I also shaved down a bit the sides of the neck stem of the body. They're higher on the sides and scooped down a bit in front and in back, instead of being flat across. Here's a link to someone else's close up:

The white strip is some teflon tape providing a barrier between the body and the head.

Like the 21-23cm Obitsus, the neck is a bit longer than I'd like. It doesn't look too bad once she's dressed, though. I think I'll leave her like this for awhile until I'm sure I want to keep her on this body. Then maybe I'll try to cut the neck down a bit and create a new neck attachment with Apoxie sculpt or something.

RE: Yeolume in Korisu Factory - Cornflower Blue - 07-10-2013

Updated first post with some new pics.

RE: Yeolume in Korisu Factory - ladywindsor - 07-11-2013

I love her!
She looks super cute and festive in the Paradis outfit!
I am glad you got so lucky finding it at Puddle which made your day most exciting and memorable.
I love the little accordion, if she will play a tune, I can dance like a leprechaun!