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Introducing Bijou - ByronicHeroine - 07-11-2013

Another Queen had been my grail for the longest time. I found her new in box about six months ago, but I've been so worried about her wrists, that I've left her in the box. Times have been a little trying lately, so I decided to take her out of the box and have some fun. It doesn't hurt that I picked up a mohair wig from PG123MOM that looks amazing on AQ. Enough talking though, you're here to see Bijou.

[Image: 9253515955_ace2608d2b.jpg]
Bijou by PaleAngelLex, on Flickr

[Image: 9256298484_93ce3f7cbe.jpg]
Bijou by PaleAngelLex, on Flickr

I adore how wild her hair looks. This is exactly why I wanted a mohair wig for her. She's also got a new pair of Galaxy KiraKira chips.

[Image: 9253516867_d79d052791.jpg]
Bijou by PaleAngelLex, on Flickr

The best part of this wig is that it has some white streaks in it that gives it a real foxy look. What do you guys think?

RE: Introducing Bijou - pixachii - 07-11-2013

:O She is absolutely STUNNING! I love everything about her - she has a gorgeous color palette, and the wig, eyes, and outfit you picked for her go together exquisitely! Rb_shy

RE: Introducing Bijou - vanie - 07-11-2013

Oh that wig is perfect for her! She looks amazing!

RE: Introducing Bijou - Lilcurly - 07-11-2013

I think she looks gorgeous, the wig is soooo nice <3 It really suits her.

RE: Introducing Bijou - KiraKira - 07-11-2013

Congrats on de-boxing your grail! Gosh, she's gorgeous. I think her wig is so perfect for her. Were you ever able to find a LIV body dark enough for her?

RE: Introducing Bijou - Cornflower Blue - 07-11-2013

She's gorgeous! I hope will get to see more of her.

RE: Introducing Bijou - vadafade - 07-11-2013

Holy cow, she's a knockout. And that peach mohair wig? Absolutely perfect on her. Congrats on deboxing her smile

RE: Introducing Bijou - Fawnette - 07-11-2013

Awwwww, I love her!
I can't wait to see her around more often, she's so easy on the eyes.
And that wig is perfect, I think the color is amazing, and you're right! About the white streaks.

RE: Introducing Bijou - ByronicHeroine - 07-11-2013

@pixachii Thanks yay She's wearing Byul Tiger Lily's dress, an a belt that I got in some ebay lt. Oh, and a head band that I made. The beads are too big for normal wigs, but they seem just right with her big hair.

@vanie Thanks. It wasn't the color I had been planning on, but all of my girls choose something different for themselves it seems.

@Lilcurly It's a super soft soft wig and so nice and full.

@KiraKira Thanks, I'm glad to be done grail hunting. As far as the body goes... I have an extra dark Alexis body that is too orange. She has a healthy tan but AQ has an ashy tone to her. I'm going to try and blush or tone the body with some pastels, eventually. Until I figure out just how that's going to happen, I keep her arms in a small box. She only gets them back for pictures.

@Cornflower Blue I plan on taking a lot of pictures! I'm also thinking of bringing my spectrum of darker skinned girls to Puddle next year.

@vadafade Thanks! She likes the idea of being a knockout smile

@Fawnette I'm glad someone else sees the fox in her hair. smile

RE: Introducing Bijou - LovelyPapin - 07-12-2013

Wow, that wig is awesome! I love it so much on her. You definitely made the right desicion in freeing her from the box grin

RE: Introducing Bijou - TrueFan - 07-12-2013

Very pretty. The wig is similar to the one I have on my fox custom, I think. The dark-skinned girls look so good in mohair wigs. I only have my stock Another Queen, but I'd love to have another to rewig. So far, her wrists are fine *knock on wood*.