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Football! - ByronicHeroine - 09-17-2013

It's football season! Here in Wisconsin that means it's Packer season smile I may have over paid for a lot or two in order to acquire some dolly Packer gear. It's so worth it to get some pictures of Laura and Nate having fun. Also, I think it's going to be a really good season for the Packers this year. We may have lost our first game, but we did a lot better against the 49ers than we did in our final payoff game last season. Then yesterday we beat the Redskins easily. Yay!

[Image: 9732771253_e13841c9bc.jpg]
Go Pack Go! by PaleAngelLex, on Flickr

[Image: 9732770479_cc972a16ca.jpg]
Go Pack Go! by PaleAngelLex, on Flickr

[Image: 9732769701_3545017d16.jpg]
Go Pack Go! by PaleAngelLex, on Flickr

RE: Football! - KiraKira - 09-17-2013

I'm a football fan over here...I love these pics! I was happy when the Packers won yesterday; hopefully they can continue to win during the season.

Laura and Nate look adorable in their sports fan gear.

RE: Football! - lyricsoul - 09-17-2013

Whatever you paid it was well worth it! Love the Packers and Laura & Nate look awesome! smile

RE: Football! - TrueFan - 09-17-2013

Well, Go Bears, but your dolls look awesome as Cheesehead fans.

RE: Football! - vadafade - 09-17-2013

Hehe, so cute!

RE: Football! - beajjai033 - 09-17-2013

I love the third photo, Laura looks so sweet. Nice outfits! smile

RE: Football! - Cornflower Blue - 09-17-2013

How cute! I don't pay much attention to football, but ... Go Browns!

RE: Football! - Zombelina - 09-17-2013

I LOVE that cheerleader dress! So adorable! Heart (I'm a massive football fan too, but CFL instead of NFL for me LOL)

RE: Football! - kitten-squid - 09-18-2013

So cute! I have to say, Laura makes a great cheerleader!

RE: Football! - whimsu - 09-18-2013

I don't follow sports, but my boyfriend is a huge Packers fan as well.
These photos are REALLY cute,though. I love that last photo. smile

RE: Football! - sceimhiuil - 09-19-2013

BEAR DOWN, darn it.

Though redheads look cute in green smile

RE: Football! - Dolly_Moma - 09-19-2013

Wow your team has some really cute players and cheerleaders. Go Packers!

RE: Football! - Missy_Crane - 09-26-2013

Laura's eyes are incredibly lovely Heart

Aww, I love seeing piccies of Pullips and Taeyangs having fun together. Totally precious!!