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Autumn in the garden - Buzzingbumblebee - 10-08-2013

I did a few photos in the garden today :3

All the girls need names except my basaak who snuck in with the Pullips ^^. I'm so bad at naming my dollies. Do stop by my flickr if you want as well <3.

[Image: 10136184173_a9fba7e5d1.jpg]
What's a Dal to do by Buzzingbumblebee, on Flickr

[Image: 10136060785_94c3955e0c.jpg]
Tiddelidi tiddelidam x3 by Buzzingbumblebee, on Flickr

[Image: 10136144746_b5539af02d.jpg]
Hangin around by Buzzingbumblebee, on Flickr
I rewigged Grell, I like it, even though it's a wee bit long. It goes down below her legs, like Rapunzel ^^

[Image: 10135975634_51c24c5be7.jpg]
Daydreaming ^^ by Buzzingbumblebee, on Flickr

[Image: 10136194723_6ac7509386.jpg]
Autumn you say by Buzzingbumblebee, on Flickr

RE: Autumn in the garden - Superexcellently - 10-08-2013

I love the contrasting colours ^.^

RE: Autumn in the garden - vadafade - 10-08-2013

Great shots! I love the leaves.

RE: Autumn in the garden - Buzzingbumblebee - 10-08-2013

Thank you ^^. I love the autumn for the colours and the fresh special air <3 My dollies love it too, despite my severe lack of warm clothes for the poor things.

RE: Autumn in the garden - KiraKira - 10-08-2013

Your Basaak is so cute--did you customize her yourself? She's adorable, and I love her hands (Pure Neemo body?)!

RE: Autumn in the garden - Buzzingbumblebee - 10-08-2013

Thank you ^^. I bought her second hand from birdie, she had Lily (the basaak) customized by myufish <3. I'm really happy I adopted her. She could not be more loved if she was a real blythe ^^. It's indeed a pure neemo, it's a small flection full action smile. I love pure neemo bodies!

RE: Autumn in the garden - lyricsoul - 10-08-2013

Your girls are so cute! I love your Dal's outfit and your Blythe is adorable! <3

RE: Autumn in the garden - Cornflower Blue - 10-08-2013

Ah, so cute, especially the Basaak!

RE: Autumn in the garden - Alanaia - 10-09-2013

I LOVE the photo of your Basaak! She's so cute, and the angle, colors and her posing is just adorable <3 she's such a cutie! All of these photos are amazing. Really captures the fall feeling smile

RE: Autumn in the garden - Buzzingbumblebee - 10-09-2013

Thank you so much for all your kind comments <3

@Alanaia: I think she must be my favourite doll really x3, I'm really glad I invested in that body for her for better posing smile. And thank you for comments about the photography as well. I really love photographing, I should invest in a better camera next as I really want to improve my skills ^^.