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Australian Meet - Bella - 11-20-2013


So our last attempt at a meet fell apart but I think we should try again.

I have noticed that many of the older Australian members have stopped coming online, but I have also noticed that there is a MASSIVE influx of new Aussie members yay

So, I live in Melbourne, but that being said; I am much older than when the first AusMeet thread started and have the ability to drive to other places, and might even fly.

I used to hate the idea of travelling to cons elsewhere..... and now I'm planning my first trip to the U.S for comic con.

So, I say we either go for who is where, go to where the most doll fans live, move Mohammed to the mountain as it were.

or we could determine where the people able to travel live, if there are 10 people in Perth and 8 in Melbourne, and all of the people in Perth can travel but only 2 of the people in Melbourne can, then we go for Melbourne.

or we vote.

I would love everyone to pitch in ideas of things for us to do, if we all go to a restaurant with our girls, or maybe have a picnic, or something.

So, what do we think?

RE: Australian Meet - Bella - 11-25-2013