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Cosmicheart's feedback - Cosmicheart - 01-03-2014

Please leave feedback here if we have had a transaction together. smile

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RE: Cosmicheart's feedback - Missy_Crane - 05-14-2014

+1 as a buyer

Paid even faster than expected, great communication, a pleasure to sell to! grin

RE: Cosmicheart's feedback - Olly - 06-18-2014

+1 as a seller. Great communication, thank you so much!

RE: Cosmicheart's feedback - myufish - 07-08-2014

++++1 I customed a dolly for her but it got delayed ( along with my other customs due to an unexpected family emergency. ) but she is very patient with me.She is also nice to exchange pm's with.
Thank you so much <3

RE: Cosmicheart's feedback - Summer Skye - 08-13-2014

+1 as a seller
Bought Sacralita. Price was very reasonable and cosmic shipped so quickly that she arrived next day! Thank you SO much! smile

RE: Cosmicheart's feedback - Kiyomi - 11-28-2014

+1 as a buyer.
Thanks for adopting Kaela!

RE: Cosmicheart's feedback - KiraKira - 02-14-2015

+1 as a buyer! Thank you for making this a smooth and hassle-free transaction. smile