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Raphia - Missy_Crane - 01-11-2014

What should you expect to pay on a pre-loved good condition Raphia with stock, card and stand; only flaws are some yellow spots on her dress?

RE: Raphia - vadafade - 01-12-2014

Given what you described, on eBay, I think a reasonable price would be $110-120; here on DM, maybe $90-100. Anyone else have any thoughts?

RE: Raphia - Cosmicheart - 01-12-2014

I've seen her go for 100 pre owned with everything you mentioned

RE: Raphia - vadafade - 01-12-2014

^ But where? On eBay or a private dolly forum? The reason that matters is that eBay sales typically cost 10-20% more than private sales. It would be useful to know which!

RE: Raphia - Missy_Crane - 01-12-2014

Thank you Vada and Comsic, that's about the same price I thought smile

This one person is selling a Raphia for $115, but considering the spots on her stock (which could be mold for all I know) and how she's missing her necklace (forgot to mention that before!) I was thinking of maybe offering closer to $100.

Just wanted to check that was fair! But hey, I guess the worst that could happen is they say no yay

RE: Raphia - vadafade - 01-13-2014

That sounds like a very fair price, Missy! Congrats on winning her!

RE: Raphia - Cosmicheart - 01-13-2014

i saw on ebay, congratulations smile