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Pullip miku - Chusei_shin - 01-13-2014

Hi can you tell me what price is fair to sell a Pullip miku P-043 Dec 2011 - Pullip Vocaloid Miku LOL - complete with stock, never had wig or eyes removed. Display only condition.
she's new in PS @ $118.95

Thank you kindly x

RE: Pullip miku - vadafade - 01-13-2014

Is she out of her box? If so, probably $80-90 on eBay and $70-80 here on DM. For reference, several NRFB Miku LOLs were recently sold on eBay for $100 and $106.

RE: Pullip miku - Chusei_shin - 01-14-2014

Thanks you vadafade x