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I rewigged Nikki - MercyTiara - 01-19-2014

I just got around to rewigging Nikki:
[Image: 12016346385_e2019540fb_z.jpg]
Before and after wig change by Mercy Tiara, on Flickr

Here are some more pics:
[Image: 12012773234_cac72d093f_z.jpg]
Rapunzel? Is that you? by Mercy Tiara, on Flickr
It's really long! At first I thought I might cut it, but I kind of love it as it is.

[Image: 12014153833_c4ca634182_z.jpg]
Nikki's new wig by Mercy Tiara, on Flickr
I think she likes it too!

RE: I rewigged Nikki - KiraKira - 01-19-2014

The wig suits her very well, I love the color. smile

RE: I rewigged Nikki - ScarlettRose - 01-19-2014

Gorgeous!!! She looks amazing in her new wig yay

RE: I rewigged Nikki - Cornflower Blue - 01-19-2014

She looks gorgeous in that wig!

RE: I rewigged Nikki - Tinnu - 01-20-2014

Nikki looks great! The new wig seems to match her brows really nicely. Can I ask what wig it is?

RE: I rewigged Nikki - vadafade - 01-21-2014

That wig really suits her -- she looks great!

RE: I rewigged Nikki - Missy_Crane - 01-21-2014

Ahh, she's such a beautiful girl with a serene expression.

I think she looks so much nicer in her new wig; it really brings out her personality! She reminds me a little of Pullip Kiyomi with all that long wavy hair smile

RE: I rewigged Nikki - kingsgirl1015 - 02-05-2014

Wow! That's one gorgeous wig!!