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Happy Valentine's Day... - Kyubi09 - 02-14-2014

...or, "Where are my Roses??"

[Image: 12507477914_e12d9c15a8_z.jpg]
Where are my Roses? by spitechan, on Flickr

Rose bushes make great stabilizers... as long as you don't mind getting stabbed while gingerly picking your girls out of them.
[Image: 12507123783_626cb93c61_z.jpg]
Valentine's Day Anticipation by spitechan, on Flickr

[Image: 12511854423_1dddc6937c_z.jpg]
Where are my roses 2 by spitechan, on Flickr

Seriously, I will have to do some altering to her skirts. They are the biggest pita not fitting correctly.

RE: Happy Valentine's Day... - shassy - 02-15-2014

So pretty with thorns and roses. Happy Valentine day too!

RE: Happy Valentine's Day... - beajjai033 - 02-15-2014

The rose among the thorns - I would've love to have that rose!

RE: Happy Valentine's Day... - Steffipuschel - 02-15-2014

Happy Valentines day to you too.
Really cute pictures in the roses.
I hope non of you get hurt.