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Leprotto - Missy_Crane - 02-21-2014

Out of morbid curiosity, how much is Leprotto actually worth NRFB? The only ones I've ever seen have been selling for like a thousand dollars. Is that just sellers being greedy or is that considered a fair price these days?

RE: Leprotto - vadafade - 02-21-2014

A bit of both, I think. A "fair" price for Leprotto would be close to $1000, but I think that would be deboxed. She would be worth even more if she were NRFB, like maybe $1500 or $2000. That is, of course, assuming a buyer can be found at that price point. wink

RE: Leprotto - fishy - 02-21-2014

I saw one recently- deboxed and rewigged- for $1,800, but I think that may be a bit high (I think it's the only one on the market, so I guess the seller can pick their price and- if it doesn't sell- adjust downwards. I honestly doubt it'll sell for that price.)

RE: Leprotto - Hina Ichigo - 02-21-2014

I bought mine for $800 nrfb several years ago, I know Animadness sold their NRFB doll for like $900 a couple of years ago. The lowest I've ever seen her sell for was like $550 and that was with a bad haircut, nude and kind of rough shape.

RE: Leprotto - Missy_Crane - 02-21-2014

Thanks guys.

Yeah, I guess when the price starts creeping toward four digits you also gotta factor who's actually willing to pay that price for a doll, even if it's a 'fair' price.

I saw a Leprotto NRFB for $600 and thought I might take a chance to grab her and sell her on at a later date, but it's a massive investment and if I couldn't find a buyer it might end up a costly mistake. Never mind then smile