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Aurora's accessories: - Severity - 02-25-2014

I just received my steampunk Aurora today.LOL
But...I don't find myself thinking I'll ever use her steampunk accessories: wings, hat, three belts, eyepatch, bodice, shoulder-armor esque-piece, choker. Also her card and stand.

Is this the kind of thing anyone would even be interested in buying?! If so I will photograph all the bits and pieces. Happy

RE: Aurora's accessories: - vadafade - 02-25-2014

You never know who might want them. I'd go ahead and post them for sale. Are you looking for a price check before you list them?

RE: Aurora's accessories: - Missy_Crane - 02-25-2014

I've seen steampunk stock for sale several times on Ebay and most times they had bids! If it's full and in new condition you could probably ask up to $40 for it.

RE: Aurora's accessories: - vadafade - 02-25-2014

Agreed with Missy. Aurora is $160 in stock at PS, so her full stock would go for around $65 (40% of total cost). If it's just the bits and pieces but not her dress/outfit or shoes, then yeah, you could get up to $40 for the kit.

Keep in mind, though, that if you ever want to sell your Aurora (not that you would!), you'll be selling her with incomplete stock. That does decrease what you can ask for her, but by approximately the same amount (usually) that her stock sells for. That shouldn't make or break your decision, but it's just something to think about. smile If you are okay with that, then go forth and list it, my friend!

RE: Aurora's accessories: - Severity - 02-25-2014

Yep, both looking for a price check and just seeing if there would be any interest period! Thank you for the info! I know I'm keeping her blouse/skirt/bloomers/bustle, but I'm willing to sell the rest. :3 thank you!!