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Kara (My Melody) - LosTandFounD - 05-21-2014

[Image: 4fae9a6e-5d8a-4f09-a749-0eb458637004_zps12eefdc5.jpg]
Kara: Hmm...

[Image: 66b5c188-ffe1-459a-8586-30b522338396_zpse78f30f5.jpg]
Kara: Where could he have gotten to?

[Image: f5ed79e8-8077-4ee3-9a87-5c2cd622263b_zpsd559adea.jpg]
Kara: HA!

[Image: fe688c0d-486b-49f6-8629-bd3c09a051c3_zps4a7e1844.jpg]
Kara: Gotcha LOL

Thanks so much for reading! I haven't photographed any of my dolls in a while so I'm happy I'm finally getting back into it.

Bonus Shot!
[Image: 81c92e1d-e685-4e5e-be9e-20301ee62457_zps7c83c416.jpg]

RE: Kara (My Melody) - ByronicHeroine - 05-21-2014

I love redheads, and Kara makes a beautiful one smile Her dress is priceless too.

RE: Kara (My Melody) - KiraKira - 05-21-2014

She's such a pretty one! What an adorable hedgehog dress. smile

RE: Kara (My Melody) - Cornflower Blue - 05-21-2014

I often forget how wonderful My Mels look as redheads! And the dress is really cute, too.

RE: Kara (My Melody) - LosTandFounD - 05-22-2014

Thanks for the redhead love! I've always wanted a redhead My Melody so I was really lucky when I came across one here.

RE: Kara (My Melody) - Lilcurly - 05-22-2014

She's gorgeous, I love my melody, & the wig you've picked out really suits her smile

RE: Kara (My Melody) - beajjai033 - 05-22-2014

My Melody dollies are so stunning as redheads indeed! Love her smile

RE: Kara (My Melody) - martah - 05-23-2014

Yay for MM redheads! Your girl looks very cute. smile

RE: Kara (My Melody) - dargosmydaddy - 07-02-2015

I love her dress!

RE: Kara (My Melody) - Little mouse - 07-03-2015

Awwww....that is just so sweet! And I like the bonus photo too

RE: Kara (My Melody) - Pink Haired Freak - 07-03-2015

She is very beautiful!!

RE: Kara (My Melody) - Sanka-chan - 09-10-2015

I love My Melody Pullip, and the wig what you choose! LOL

RE: Kara (My Melody) - Miss Edith - 09-11-2015

I have never seen a redheaded My Melody that I can remember but your girl shows me they look beautiful as gingers grin