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Silane photos and review - TrueFan - 06-20-2014

Silane is a very safe release. A sweet blue-eyed blonde with a pretty, delicate faceup, dressed in a summery lolita outfit of white.
[Image: Silane4.jpg]

[Image: Silane9.jpg]

Nothing about her particularly stands out. She does not have nearly as much character as Milch, another blue-eyed doll in white, in my opinion. Still, every Dal is beautiful
[Image: Silane8.jpg]

[Image: Silane7.jpg]

Her shoes are the same mold as Lunatic Alice’s, one of my favorites. She wears knee high socks and long pantaloons.
[Image: Silane6.jpg]

Her outfit is of decent quality but very sheer.  She makes me think of Daisy and Jordan in The Great Gatsby. Her outfit is not going to stain.
[Image: Silane5.jpg]

Her wig is soft and silky.
[Image: Silane13.jpg]

Perhaps she is an attempt to gain more Dal fans, or bring collectors back to Dal. If that’s true, I hope she succeeds.
[Image: Silane11.jpg]

[Image: Silane12.jpg]

[Image: Silane14.jpg]

With some new friends.
[Image: YomiSilane.jpg]

[Image: Silane15.jpg]

RE: Silane photos and review - ByronicHeroine - 06-20-2014

She's so sweet looking in that last picture. I really wish I had extra funds. I'd love to buy one. She's so pretty, and I really want to support Dal.

RE: Silane photos and review - TrueFan - 06-20-2014

She is definitely one of the less angry Dals!

RE: Silane photos and review - vanie - 06-20-2014

She's so sweet looking. I love your first photo, she looks so innocent. I'd love to get her too, eventually if I had the funds and room. She's very cute and thank you for sharing!

RE: Silane photos and review - KiraKira - 06-20-2014

So cute--she's like a Dal version of Raphia! I love the outfit, and her face-up is so sweet and not so angry/pouty like Dals so often are. Her sweet and innocent face looks like quite a contrast standing next to angry Isul there.

RE: Silane photos and review - Missy_Crane - 06-20-2014

She's so sweet, particularly without her bonnet as you can see her cute hairdo. I'm surprised - I really like her! I thought she was a bit 'meh' when she came out but her faceup is actually very lovely. I might have to get my Raphia a little sister wink

Congrats on getting her True! She's definitely one of the less grumpy-wumpy Dals isn't she? LOL

RE: Silane photos and review - Severity - 06-20-2014

Out of that bonnet, she's just perfect!

RE: Silane photos and review - lyricsoul - 06-20-2014

She's pretty and I really like her wig. Her stock is nice but I agree with you True, she's a very safe release.

RE: Silane photos and review - Audacia - 06-20-2014

I love her face up, so sweet and innocent. If I ever have extra funds, I may have to consider getting her smile

RE: Silane photos and review - rayelm - 06-20-2014

I love Silane's wig, but not actually on Silane. If I get her I can see myself immediately replacing her eye chips and giving her a new wig.

Her face up is really pretty but doesn't have that "in your face" personality I associate with Dal.

RE: Silane photos and review - Cornflower Blue - 06-20-2014

She's somewhat lacking in grumpiness. She's so sweet!

RE: Silane photos and review - Miss Edith - 06-20-2014

she is very beautiful and will be coming to live with me soon. I love the grumps but every now and then a pretty and mood neutral Dal is not a bad thing LOL I love the white clothes, even although I will have to lose some of the frills and the hat ! straight Thankyou True.

RE: Silane photos and review - Cosmicheart - 06-20-2014

She does not look grumpy! She's pretty and simple

RE: Silane photos and review - Olly - 06-20-2014

How cute! I like that she looks less grumpy. Great to hear that her hair is nice and soft smile

RE: Silane photos and review - sakana_hime - 06-21-2014

She's really cute! Thank you for sharing. I'm getting more and more picky about who I bring home, and it's so hard to make decisions just on the official promo pictures. I think Silane just earned a place on the wishlist though.