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Realpuki - supernova - 07-10-2014

I've fallen in love with the realpuki dolls. So darn cute! o.o

I was wondering how much I'd be looking at for second hand ones?
Just basic ones with faceup is what I'm after.

Also is there any places I can look for them apart from ebay/doa? Hardly any on ebay and I've only just joined doa.

And lastly, is there places that sell the sleeping faceplate by itself? Say I bought a secondhand realpuki but it didn't come with the sleeping face, it doesn't look like you can order them separately on the offical site.

Thank you! smile

RE: Realpuki - kuanyin4 - 07-10-2014

The sleeping faceplate separately would need to be on DOA, probably. If you aren't in the marketplace, you should be! Oh, or Flickr is always a possibility, you can do a search with FS or FA.

I would say you are looking at about $250 on up for basic with faceup. These little darlings don't go cheap! There may be some on the marketplace cheaper, because they have been trying to sell them for a while. Some are less popular than others and some of the sellers don't have a clue how to sell something. (As in one crappy phone pic isn't exactly the way to do it.) I would check DDE and their stock, because you don't usually get a used one any cheaper! It's crazy, people are trying to sell their used ones for more than the in stock new ones.

RE: Realpuki - supernova - 07-10-2014

Yea I only recently joined doa (still waiting on approval) so it will be a while before I have access to the marketplace. I've looked at dde, only problem is being in the uk I'd get hit by customs so if I was buying new I'd rather stick to European shops. I think thinkpink stocks fairyland dolls.

Ah that sucks they don't go any cheaper then retail, guess I've been spoilt with pullips! :p

I guess I better start saving while I do some more research, thank you for the information! smile

RE: Realpuki - *NatTheCat* - 11-24-2015

I've seen used RealPukis go for around $200 on eBay. (I think I paid between $180 and $200 for my Kaka, who came with face-up and eyes.) They honestly don't seem too common a sight in secondhand sales, but they do pop up once in a while. smile