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Naomi's new look! - Severity - 08-05-2014

She'll always have blue hair at heart but I had to try this wig on her and see how it looked.

free upload image

I think it's kind of cute, but she'll be back to her blue hair soon. grin the dress and knee socks she's wearing are going in my shop, so she'll keep the red hair until I take some more pictures.

((Of course her hair was in perfect ringlets when I first got it with just a few flyaways and silly me decided to brush it. I have poofy curly hair inherited from the Romani side of my family. I learnt the lesson that curly hair is only to be brushed just before you shower. Did I apply this logic to the doll wig? Of course not. But I kind of like it giant and messy and full of curls!))

RE: Naomi's new look! - Little mouse - 08-05-2014

I love this wig on her!!!

RE: Naomi's new look! - ByronicHeroine - 08-06-2014

That wig is so fun! The strawberry dress is very cute as well. I love seeing pictures of Naomi smile

RE: Naomi's new look! - Missy_Crane - 08-06-2014

I've never seen Naomi in a red wig; it's a good look for her!

RE: Naomi's new look! - Audacia - 08-06-2014

The red wig looks good one her smile

RE: Naomi's new look! - HelloKitty - 08-06-2014

This is just confirmation that I NEED her! She is heavenly! I think she rocks the red wig very well!

RE: Naomi's new look! - Severity - 08-06-2014

Everyone needs a Naomi. I really want another one with her stock. But seriously, with her silvery eyes and subtle pink lips she looks good in anything!

RE: Naomi's new look! - HelloKitty - 08-07-2014

I'm on a diet for now. ;-) no more dolls! My bf doesn't even know about any of my pullips and only about half my bjds. Naomi's lips are so lucious! I really adore her as a red head. Are you going to keep her in that wig?

RE: Naomi's new look! - Jinxedorchid - 08-07-2014

Wow, she looks great with red hair!

Owner pics are dangerous, all of a sudden I "need" dolls that I didn't before. :Innocent:

RE: Naomi's new look! - Severity - 08-07-2014

I think she's going to end up back in her short blue wig, I think it suits her better, but she'll be in this one for a little while smile