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Short Days of Summer - Kiki - 08-14-2014

[Image: 14882614385_a8db13ab88_z.jpg]

"With you by my side
A Cadillac ride
Jammin' with the boys
Bonfire at night
Summer vibe
Looking for a summer vibe
I paid my dues
Got nothing to prove
Laying on the dock
Just talking to you
Summer vibe
Looking for a summer vibe"
~ Summer Vibe, Walk Off the Earth

Oh gosh, summer is almost over isn't it. But say hi to Summer! Haha, a little play on words there. She's excited to meet everyone. She's actually a world traveler and professional blogger. She blogs about the many different places she's been, the best tourist attractions, good hotels and where to get good food. She certainly leads an exciting life!

Model: Summer Lawrence
Clothes made by mother.

RE: Short Days of Summer - Missy_Crane - 08-14-2014

I don't know what's more beautiful - the Pullip or the dress she's wearing! LOL

Your mother is a talented dressmaker smile

RE: Short Days of Summer - Kiki - 08-14-2014

Aww Missy_Crane, thank you! But even she admits that it takes way too long to make dolly dresses. Too tiny!

RE: Short Days of Summer - AliceMR - 08-15-2014

I've been so busy I haven't seen this new picture of your beautiful custom girl! A blogger?? She looks exactly like someone I think a blogger looks like! yay again really pretty dress, everything about her looks so warm LOL

RE: Short Days of Summer - Severity - 08-15-2014

She is amazing! I especially love her hair; I would love a wig like that for my Alanna, whose stock wig has just become unmanageable.

RE: Short Days of Summer - Kiki - 08-15-2014

AliceMR: Aww thanks for your kind words! And Yes she is a world traveling blogger who happens to keep her skin flawlessly pale. LOL

Severity: Thank you! I love her hair too! The wig is really soft though little strands keep coming out of the curls and it's harder to sort than my Si'anna's. It was originally supposed to be my Yona's replacement wig, but i decided to keep the stock wig. And which stock doll is Alanna?

RE: Short Days of Summer - Severity - 08-17-2014

Oh! She's Steampunk Aurora. smile her hair is gorgeous but so long!

RE: Short Days of Summer - Nekoshoujo - 08-17-2014

Stunning photo! Love the dress and the pose.

RE: Short Days of Summer - Kiki - 08-18-2014

Severity: Oh yah, Aurora's hair is long. but it's a lovely colour!

Nekoshoujo: Thank you!