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Bowling & Blythe Columbus Meet! 10/11/14 - Blythetastic - 09-22-2014

Event Name: Bowling & Blythe Columbus Meet
Time: 2:00pm
Date: Saturday, October 11, 2014
Location: GAME/Columbus Western Bowl
500 Georgesville Rd
Columbus, OH 43228-2421
(Please note: the sign for the alley says GAME but this is the info listed on the website.)

Any other Information: Hosted by Heather. Not my meet but thought I'd post here just in case there's any interest! (I apologize, I didn't post about this prior to the goody bag deadline but! Feel free to come! It should be a great time.)

Description from Facebook: We will be meeting for an afternoon of bowling and Blythe! There will be plenty of fun photo opportunities, games, prizes, and awesome goody bags. Don't miss out! smile

Pricing for bowling:

Facebook event page: