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Introducing Anne Maureen - vertefae - 11-09-2014

There was once a Dal named Sadie. She had wild bubblegum pink hair and bright green eyes. And her mommy loved her very much. Out of a bad, bad place Sadie was sold. And her new mommy didn't love her at all. In fact her new mommy put her on that evil place called eBay and thus Sadie was lost to the cyber space of time.

Now her original mommy got sad and missed Ms Sadie. She was so full of spunk and attitude. She bought many Dals trying to replace Sadie. And yet it never happened. She even bought the exact same model as Sadie. That spark was gone. Then one day her very good friend on another dolly forum had a Dal for sale. She had been toying around with the idea of a new Dal. Maybe this one would have that spark. So I bought her. I figured why not. Yet another try. Yet something happened when I opened that box. A tiny little spark was there. This one had attitude. This one had an opinion. Then her mohair wig arrived and that spark grew even more.

This gal was formally Fishy's Anne of Green Gables. Maybe thats why she came with an attitude. She had already been developed into someone. She wasn't just a doll out of a box.

She says she's going by Anne Maureen for the time being.

[Image: 20141107_165915.jpg]

[Image: 20141108_083638.jpg]

RE: Introducing Anne Maureen - fishy - 11-09-2014

Glad that you like her! smile

RE: Introducing Anne Maureen - KiraKira - 11-09-2014

She's so perfect with the mohair wig! I think you're right--she really does have a spark. I miss your Sadie, and I hope that Anne Maureen stays.

RE: Introducing Anne Maureen - vertefae - 11-09-2014

I do too! I kick myself everytime I think of Sadie. Hopefully Ms Anne stays stuck.

RE: Introducing Anne Maureen - oonyaoo - 11-09-2014

Ahh she's fantastic! She certainly has a spark!
That wig is just fabulous on her.

RE: Introducing Anne Maureen - vertefae - 11-09-2014

Thank you! It was a fantastic ebay score smile

RE: Introducing Anne Maureen - Alliecat - 11-09-2014

Aw smile Congrats on your new girl. Hope your little spark grows Heart 2

RE: Introducing Anne Maureen - Cornflower Blue - 11-09-2014

Like I said elsewheres, that wig is perfect for her! And now that I can see her dress better, got to say that it looks awesome on her too!

RE: Introducing Anne Maureen - vertefae - 11-09-2014

I may have possibly spammed her everywhere CB

RE: Introducing Anne Maureen - PullipPrincess - 11-09-2014

I love her~! <3 Like everyone else has said, her wig is perfect for her!

RE: Introducing Anne Maureen - Audacia - 11-10-2014

Aww I love her, she is super adorable :3

RE: Introducing Anne Maureen - Nekoshoujo - 11-12-2014

aw, that's so sweet. Love comes around again and look at how cute Anne is! Glad you found a Dal you connect with again.