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Daesani gets a makeover - Alliecat - 12-15-2014

...well, new hair anyway.
So I changed my first wig, & yes it was really easy. Unfortunately this one is a wee bit small & kept wanting to slide off, so I wound up not using the velcro I'd bought; seemed not quite enough to hold it on. I hope the white glue I used is ok. Alas, someone was a little impatient; I probably should have elasticked it down or something, till the glue dried...? It rode up a little & there's a poofy part at the top. Sometime when I have noooothing to do (ha) maybe I'll take it off & try to push it down better. I don't think it shows though.

[Image: 16023085772_76b3ab8c50_o.jpg]

[Image: 16021826771_dd7a59585c_o.jpg]
"I like it!"

[Image: 15837725899_8ca7e2e812_o.jpg]

[Image: 16021824701_9471b649eb_o.jpg]
Who knew little Samurai girl would clean up so nice? I am soooo glad there were owner photos to show the potential of this gorgeous doll smile

[Image: 16023083822_bc337322fb_o.jpg]
She's doing 'glam' pretty well.

[Image: 16021825831_0045705ea6_o.jpg]
Petra has been reassured that she doesn't need a makeover because she's so cute just as she is.

[Image: 15838026367_29a3366089_o.jpg]

[Image: 15836353038_2f07678a7f_o.jpg]
She's thinking about modelling for a 'save the seals' campaign wink

Thanks for looking! grin

RE: Daesani gets a makeover - Chyntia - 12-15-2014

Well done! I love the color of the wig!! iiieekk I can remember the first time I rewigged, I was so nervous! But once you get the hang of it wink!

RE: Daesani gets a makeover - PullipPrincess - 12-15-2014

I really like the combination of her wig! It really makes the color of her eyechips stand out! It also sort of makes her look like she has a fiery sort of personality! smile

RE: Daesani gets a makeover - martah - 12-15-2014

She looks beautiful in her new wig! & that outfit with a scarf/shawl is very pretty on her. smile

RE: Daesani gets a makeover - oonyaoo - 12-16-2014

Oh she really suits this colour! She looks even more fantastic! 83

RE: Daesani gets a makeover - Cornflower Blue - 12-16-2014

She does look pretty good in that color! Nice job!

RE: Daesani gets a makeover - Severity - 12-16-2014

She is super cute in that wig (and kind of looks like she could be Sunsette's big sister!). Petra is also adorable just the way she is!

RE: Daesani gets a makeover - Alliecat - 01-18-2015

Thank you, everyone grin
Looking back at the first photos I took of her, I can't believe how different she looks now. I just love this gorgeous girl! To think, I overlooked her because of the outfit in the stock photos, where you really can't SEE her.
Hmm, maybe I should do some shoots of her & Sunsette together! And yes, I think she does have a fiery sort of personality (well, what would you expect from a former Samurai LOL ).
She also seems very well suited to doing this kind of thing. I would not previously have considered this use for tinsel...!! blush

[Image: 15683492964_5a404f67a3_o.jpg]

[Image: 15686030323_782c56690e_o.jpg]

RE: Daesani gets a makeover - PullipPrincess - 01-18-2015

Cute! Love the new pictures of Daesani, especially the second one! yay

RE: Daesani gets a makeover - Nekoshoujo - 01-20-2015

Wow! That color is perfect for her. I think it brings out her skintone more. She's changed a lot but she's only growing more beautiful day by day <3

RE: Daesani gets a makeover - Little mouse - 01-20-2015

She is looks so good in that new!