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Pullips in J-Doll Fashions (pic heavy) - Cornflower Blue - 12-28-2014

PullipStyle has restocked a lot of the J-Dolls, some of them at very reasonable prices. As far as I'm concerned, if they are less than or equal to the cost of a Pullip fashion, then they're worth buying for my Pullips to rob them of their outfits. I've been buying them from time to time, when I can find the ones I want at a decent price. And I picked up a few more from PS. I'll update this post as I get the photos sorted out.

Additional J-Doll photos here:
and Pullips in J-Doll fashions here:

Begin the enabling:
J-Doll Piazza Cavalli
[Image: 16124534272_bf49dde60e_z.jpg]
She's a very pretty J-Doll. The outfit comes with nice accessories, including a nice purse, silver studded ankle boots, pleather belt with drop chain, chain necklace, and thick bangle bracelet.

[Image: 15505625693_0002b72dc6_z.jpg]
And her outfit is a great match for Pullip Yuri. The jacket is made out of a silky quilted fabric, not pleather and the bottoms are tights that cover the feet.

J-Doll Charing Cross Road
[Image: 15946207620_f12d3c2e52_z.jpg]
Mine came out of the box with grey stains on the blouse, probably from the vest. Although the jacket is lined with black fabric, so it's possible that could have been the source. I gave both pieces and the jeans a vinegar and salt water soak. After leaving them on a paper towel to dry, only the jeans left any color behind. And yet the J-Doll had no stains on her lower body from the jeans in spite of wearing them for nearly eight years with no protection. Go figure.

[Image: 16107776726_e4b51d3e71_z.jpg]
It's a very different look for Princess Rosalind, but I like it.

[Image: 15946126798_8510490250_z.jpg]
And it works great for an Isul, too!

J-Doll Loosterweg Noord
[Image: 16165103716_8e6511c902_z.jpg]
This is a very pretty and feminine outfit on a J-Doll that has a soft and romantic faceup. Unfortunately, she's gone up in price on PS since I bought her and is on the high side for buying just for her outfit.

[Image: 15571221533_f010028024_z.jpg]
It's the perfect outfit for a pink girl, like My Melody.

More Pullips in J-Doll fashions. These are ones I've picked up here and there ever since J-Dolls started showing up at bargain prices.
[Image: 16039241808_3ec20d18d0_z.jpg][Image: 15604351924_9979c881f2_z.jpg]
Ddalgi in Magnificent Mile and xCraziia rebodied on a T4 in Via Appia

[Image: 16040646339_db89892fd1_z.jpg][Image: 16039239548_666b1545e9_z.jpg]
Catwoman in Abbott Street and Akoya in Old Arbat

[Image: 15604349844_7b29f430dc_z.jpg][Image: 16215300826_48c317193a_z.jpg]
Date in J-Doll Rue de Charonne and Victorique in J-Doll Stephen Avenue Walk

[Image: 15618580624_51426c4205_z.jpg][Image: 16241001875_305b43c8b2_z.jpg]
Henri in Rue Antoine Dansaert

[Image: 16055148947_3f2dcd3584_z.jpg][Image: 16215104976_0c80ee10d9_z.jpg]
Lunatic Queen in J-Doll Robson Street and Ririko in J-Doll Takashita Street

[Image: 15621130713_e052d62a8b_z.jpg][Image: 16053467948_b38f1a5207_z.jpg]
Veritas in J-Doll Carrer de Montcada and Peter Pan in J-Doll St Sauveur

A few older photos:
[Image: 8627224683_0b3a86039f_z.jpg][Image: 12312544203_5c4ee55981_z.jpg]
Akoya in J-doll De Martini and Saras in J-Doll Gran Via

[Image: 12577826183_f99c331b62_z.jpg]
Seila in Via Monte Napoleone

Hooray! Finally got Andrassy Ave. This outfit has a lot of separates that are great for mix and match. First on the J-Doll and then on my Latte:
[Image: 16314581155_0f34d8c144_z.jpg] [Image: 15692165014_ae0c6c5da9_z.jpg]
Isul White Rabbit in Sasha Pippin's stock (also a Type 4 body) the shoes don't fit:
[Image: 17262014195_cfb94c4daa_z.jpg]
Adsiltia in Mariya Luiza
[Image: 28469976502_8be0e259ed_z.jpg] [Image: 27959047074_ac1e3a728e_z.jpg]
Banshee in Avenue Kleber
[Image: 29199808163_89825fc841_z.jpg] [Image: 29713041522_6159e91f46_z.jpg]

RE: Pullips in J-Doll Fashions - PullipPrincess - 12-28-2014

Wow, that outfit really does look great on Yuri! <3 J-Dolls seem to have some great clothing! (Is it me, or are J-doll clothes better quality than most Pullip stock outfits? Because they certainly look like they are and like they have more detail to them.) After looking through the ones Pullipstyle had in stock, I've been a bit tempted to buy one of the cheaper ones for the sole purpose of taking their outfits, too, and now looking at the pictures you've posted, it's becoming even harder for me to resist!

RE: Pullips in J-Doll Fashions - Chyntia - 12-28-2014

I love Yuri in this outfit! I've been wanting to buy jdolls an do the same with them but I would end up with only her head as I would keep her type 4 body.... are they easy to remove as well? And would anyone be interested in buying a spare jdoll head? I'm still not sure....
Thank you for sharing CB Happy I'm looking forward to see more grin

RE: Pullips in J-Doll Fashions - Little mouse - 12-28-2014

Oh thank you so much for this......your girl looks stunning in this outfit!

What a brilliant idea too!

RE: Pullips in J-Doll Fashions - TrueFan - 12-29-2014

I think with J Dolls the focus was really on the fashion, so they are better quality than Pullip stock outfits that weren't focused on the fashion.

RE: Pullips in J-Doll Fashions - Cornflower Blue - 12-29-2014

(12-29-2014, 12:15 AM)TrueFan Wrote: I think with J Dolls the focus was really on the fashion, so they are better quality than Pullip stock outfits that weren't focused on the fashion.

I agree. There's more attention to details and embellishments and most of them come with more accessories.

RE: Pullips in J-Doll Fashions - PullipPrincess - 12-29-2014

I see, that makes sense. smile And yeah, I kind of noticed that J-Dolls do come with quite a lot of accessories as I was looking through some on PS and on ebay. :3

RE: Pullips in J-Doll Fashions - Cornflower Blue - 12-29-2014

If you consider the fact that a J-Doll doesn't need as much plastic and hair for the big head that Pullip has, and there's no eye mech either, Groove doesn't have to sink as much money into the doll itself. That leaves more money left to spend on an outfit and still make a profit. J-Doll also has to compete with Momoko and other dolls of that type, so the outfits have to offer something comparable.

RE: Pullips in J-Doll Fashions - Nadine1986 - 12-29-2014

Yuri looks very beautiful in this outfit! Looking forward seeing more of these comparisons!

RE: Pullips in J-Doll Fashions - scrapsoflife - 12-29-2014

Definitely agree that the J-Dolls wardrobes are worth their price, especially if you can find them (like I and others have) at TM for a steep discount.

RE: Pullips in J-Doll Fashions - Missy_Crane - 12-29-2014

Hm. Considering you get a type 4 body AND a great outfit for around $30...that's a very tempting idea! I might throw a j doll onto my Sailor Mars order at PS in the new year. I'm planning on buying a certain type 3 girl and she'll get a new outfit and body all in one go - awesome LOL sad I'll have to behead the poor j doll...

RE: Pullips in J-Doll Fashions - scrapsoflife - 12-29-2014

If you're looking for the Type 4 bodies you need to concentrate on the 2009+ releases, the earlier ones had the Type 3 body.

RE: Pullips in J-Doll Fashions - Missy_Crane - 12-29-2014

I will, thank you yay

The knobbly knees and clawed hands are a dead giveaway LOL

RE: Pullips in J-Doll Fashions - fishy - 12-29-2014

Don't the t4 J-doll bodies have very different neck pegs, or something? :? I seem to recall a thread where someone was having to edit them (like with sanding and/or epoxy or something) to use on a Pullip head.

RE: Pullips in J-Doll Fashions - Missy_Crane - 12-30-2014

Thanks for bringing that up, Fishy. A quick google search revealed that you're right.

This is CB's picture that shows the difference between Pullip type 4 and j-doll type 4:

[Image: 8579706341_6e483b6aa7_z_d.jpg]

Well, so much for that *sigh* >__< Groove make the weirdest decisions sometimes. Ah well, if anyone wants to split Robson Street with me while she's on sale, I'd love her stock outfit for my Pullips.